"The session was full of good information, helpful contents and very good overall. I realised that we don't have menopause information in the practices. I will monitor the levels of sickness of women over 40 to see if there are any trends and promote more menopause information. Session was clear and educational.
Review: Good, practical, pragmatic presentation with approachable presented."

T Wilkinson - NHS

"Honest and factual. I need to set up a policy and be more mindful of others. The presenter was kind and compassionate.
Review: Good presentation. Learned alot about what might be heading my way and my colleagues."


"Very informative. It confirmed some of what I knew but informed me of so much more. I will look into a menopause policy and invest in becoming menopause friendly. The presenter was very knowledgeable.
Review: excellent, friendly, knowledgeable presenter."


"Tish's sessions were relaxed but engaging, very organised and easy to follow. I learned about differed food alternatives and the many different types of HRT."

A Dryswood

"Learning more about peri-post symptoms and how it can affect employees. Organised, easy to follow, engaging? very much so. I learned what we could do as employers to help. Need to become menopause friendly and give staff more information. "

J Swan - NHS

"I loved everything - really interesting and I've learned a lot, in particular it made me realise the complexity of menopause. Well organised and easy to follow."

K Blain

"Useful, relatable information. Really engaging. I learned that I should listen more. The presenter was great!"

L Bee - NHS

"Very well presented and clear information. Very informative - a lot to take in. I learned that I could still be suffering from post-menopausal symptoms (I'm over 65). We would like to see education about menopause for MEN!"

"I loved the STATS and came away with a better understanding of the effects and changes that can be made to support staff. Very organised and engaging. I also learned that it is different for everyone - no one size fits all! Everyone needs to know more. I'll definitely be more open-minded. Excellent"


"Very informative and engaging talk."


"An honest and open presentation which was very well presented by sections. There are many more symptoms than I thought and it made me realise that I need to find out/research the menopause more. The presenter was wonderful: engaging, honest and open. Excellent presentation."


"A great insight into HRT and that it's safer than I thought. Whilst it was very engaging, if anything, there was a bit too much information."

J Ward

"Informative, interesting and engaging. Very easy to follow. Overall a group decision - it was great. It made me think about myself, colleagues, husband and family and to be easier on myself and to communicate how I feel to others. Talk more. Great, professional, engaging, easy to listen to presented. FAB :)
GP Medical Practice - all were in agreement - just great - THANK YOU."


"Very informative, organised and easy to follow. Learned a lot about flexible work suggestions. Changes to the workplace that make the environment easier for women to come to work and feel supported. Have more of an understanding of the symptoms and how to support staff. Present was very nice and very knowledgeable."

L Moore - NHS

"Very informative session on HRT. Could have been longer because there's a lot of information. Its a complicated topic but followed easy. Very eye opening!"

"Engaging? - very much so! Lot of information in one go but that I'm not alone. "

A Kershaw

"An excellent evening - I would love to attend more events like this. THANK YOU!"

"Learned a lot. Honesty and openness of all. Wish I could have attended all the sessions. Learned the potential health benefits of HRT and length of time it lasts. "

C McHugh

"Easily understood, fun and very interesting. Easy to follow and great organisation. I learned so much! I will be looking at the website to follow up. Very engaging. More of this please!"

C May

"Good explanations and group participation. It was really well organised but some bits were quite intense if not experiencing menopause. It made me think about what I have to look forward to with menopause and what other people are going through."

L Percival

"Loved the discussion and shared experience. Learned about the benefits of HRT."

"It was both engaging and interactive and I liked the shared experiences and the fact that we could ask questions. I learned about the symptoms and the benefits of HRT. Just great."

L Gray

"The sessions were very relaxed and informal but really informative. I learned that menopause is for the rest of your life but that there are lots of options to help."


"I liked everything about this presentation. 100% organised, easy to follow and engaging. It made me think about all aspects of the menopause and that I must see my GP. The presenter was excellent - very inspiring."


"Clear, concise and informative. Also made it fun. Need to think about future proofing the practice. Need to implement a menopause policy. Presenter was friendly and engaging.
Review: very good presentation. Everyone should be aware. Leading from the top."

N Taylor - NHS

"Excellent information/education. Very very engaging. Session was excellent and educational. Need to think about if staff performance could be menopause related - it would explain a lot more about their performance. Look at 'training' afternoon with staff and GP in PT: surgery education, empathy supportive. Presenter was amazing, easy to understand with full explanations."

J Bates - NHS

"Very factual and clear. It made me think about fairness in the workplace and adjustments for workers. Need to look at training and a policy. The presenter was good."

R Dooley - NHS

"The Presentation was friendly and inviting, non-judgmental. I learned that my health should be more of a priority. Very engaging."

C M Wilkinson

"All the sessions were very informative and the way Tish presented them. I learned that menopause can and should be seen as a positive event. The start of something new. The different types of HRT. Also the list of 10 at the start was really interesting. The amount of symptoms that occur and ways to reduce them/manage them better. My diet isn't as healthy as I thought and I learned how I can make good changes."

J Aude

"Very informative about a wide range of things regarding the menopause. Well organised and easy to follow. I learned so much and that I'm not the only person who needs to know this. THANK YOU! "

C W Stamper

"Informative. Being the eldest in the practice - we need to look at future proofing the younger staff. Will take the information back into the workplace. The presented was very good and provided plenty of detail."


"I saw you at the Practice Managers away day and you did a fabulous talk to all of us which quite frankly blew me away. I thought I knew about the menopause but I can safely say that I knew how it affected me. You've really opened my eyes to the impact on others, teams, partners, how to support colleagues and employees and management related matters."

A Gorse - Operational Lead - NHS

"Tish was very understanding of all her sessions. Each one was well prepared and I liked how we were included by having questions asked. They were well organised and answered questions well. Slides were informative and gave us education well. Learned to not just go to Dr and let them pass me HRT and look at other things. They made me decide to make changes. Learned I'm not alone and my symptoms are real and needed."

S Doyle

"Simple, easy to follow and engaging. Made me think about how many staff are affected and to be more aware with staff. Presenter - lovely, easy to follow and open."


"Attended 3 of Tish's sessions re menopause related topics. Really liked how they were presented - easy to follow and understand and very interesting. Learned about the different part of menopause and how you can be affected psychologically. Learned there are lots of symptoms and how natural treatments and a good bedtime routine can help. Learned about HRT and how to look after myself holistically."

D Davidson

"Fun and factual. Organised, easy to follow and engaging. We have a menopause policy but more education and openness is still required. The presenter was easy to listen to and informative."


"Extremely informative and relevant. It was absolutely organised, easy to follow and engaging. Need to consider impact in workplace and identifying how to better recognise staff issues and address them. Educating them is so important. Look at educating staff and encourage ALL LEVELS to be aware. Policies. Presenter was fabulous - no embarrassment - informative, sensitive and amusing."

A Gorse - NHS

"Very relaxed and informal. I learned how important nutrition is and how the menopause is for the rest of your life. Great session."

C Jones

"I found out so much information about the menopause - the different areas/symptoms. Very easy to follow and really engaging."

P E Strong

"Lots of useful information and presenter very engaging. Took away how to help our staff and become menopause friendly.
Review: A great informative session."


"All the information, suggestions and hearing other people's successful 'things that work' was fabulous. I'm going to buy some sage, lemon balm and milk thistle. Very engaging."

A Ingswood

"I loved everything about this presentation. I learned that I need to take menopause seriously!"

A Lawrence

"Some really good information throughout. Very well presented. "


"I loved the information received on HRT. It made me think about my journey and what I went through. Very organised and easy to follow."

A E Dunn

"Open style / pace - good. Organised and easy to follow. So many symptoms! How do we support them all when our options are few! Look at a policy and training. Presenter was great."


"This session was really good. It made me think about the impact on all staff and the organisation. I need to think about a policy and the associated requirements. The presenter was very good, approachable and realistic."


"I love this presentation: the interaction; the knowledge. Very easy to understand. I realised that I was very naive about it and need to be more understanding. The presenter was really friendly."


"Upbeat but factual. It made me think more about what we need to do. It made me think about our responsibilities and that we need to update/introduce menopause policy and training. The presenter was very knowledgeable."


"Background information / involvement and session. Very organised, easy to follow and engaging. Need to look at policy in practice and consider staff position from a different angle. The presented was knowledgeable, personable and engaging."


"Factual, experimental, presented knew topic inside out - very knowledgeable. I realised that my own experience was unrecognised. I will definitely now implement a menopause policy. The presented was excellent - highly recommend.
Review: Very knowledgeable presentation, Excellent presenter Tish."

H Parker - NHS

"Nutrition and stress discussion very interesting. Very varied presentations. Made me think about my diet. It would be great to have more info on breathing, diet and stress management."

M H Mason

"Very informative session on HRT. Learned its safer and more beneficial than I thought. A lot of information in a short time but very engaging."

J Burdan