Package 1 – 1-to-1 Consultation


per session

A more flexible programme for peri- to post-menopausal women that offers support dependent upon what women feel their needs are at any given time. It may consist of one session or several. Women experience different menopause symptoms and may need help at different stages of their menopause. We can establish and discuss your immediate problems and find ways of solving them. The programme will cover similar benefits to Package 2 but, dependent upon the amount of sessions, may not be in as much depth.

This is for you if…

  • You’ve got one or two specific symptoms with which you would like professional assistance
  • You would like clarification on conflicting menopause information
  • You would rather develop a programme at your own pace
  • Limited time

To ensure you are right for the programme…

  • You will complete and return some pre-screening Q&A sheets to ensure the programme is right for you and to maximise quality time in our session
  • Sign up to a code of ethics for the private Facebook group
  • The first session will briefly assess your lifestyle and will aim to assist you with any pressing problems and priorities
  • Any further sessions will deal with either what we have established as priorities or what you feel your requirements are at the time.

£45 per session
Can take place in your own home or outdoors (if local) or can be completed online or by phone (state preference when booking)
Private Facebook group support

"When I started this course I was suffering from so many menopause symptoms, some of which were quite debilitating, and hadn’t exercised properly for years.

The guidance I received really helped my symptoms and my weight loss. I feel so great about myself now and am so much fitter and happier.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if Tish hadn’t made me aware of what I needed to do to improve my health and wellbeing."