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PREMATURE MENOPAUSE I was privileged to interview someone recently regarding the really sensitive subject of premature menopause. I always feel that unless you have experienced this, it is very difficult to put into words or to even begin to image what these poor women are suffering.  I also feel that it is still quite an […]

CBD Oil for Menopause

CBD oil has been exploding in popularity for many reasons but it really can help with menopausal symptoms.  I’ve been using it for @ one year now and it drastically improves my sleep and helps control my anxiety.  I only use it when I feel the need but it really has helped me so I […]

Nutrition in Menopause

We all have issues when it comes to knowing what to eat or not as the case may be during menopause.  There is so much conflicting information out there to confuse our already befuddled brains! I’m therefore going to make this SIMPLE to understand to give you a better idea of what’s good, what’s bad. […]

World Menopause Day

WELCOME… WELCOME… WELCOME! I’m Tish from Menopause Body & Mind and today is a very exciting day for me! I’m writing my very first blog on WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY and feel one step closer to really helping all you menopausal women out there! The theme this year is BONE HEALTH so what could be more […]